Alcovy Rise Hunting Club Endorses SWI

Our eleven member hunting club is fortunate to have an 1,100 acre tract in the

piedmont of Georgia to pursue deer, pigs and wild turkey. However for the last

decade we have struggled with keeping up approximately 100 acres of high

protein, lush summer and winter feed plots. Additionally we maintained a

supplemental feeding and mineral program as well; but we were seldom satisfied

with the results of our own direct efforts. Then we engaged Chandler Elmore at

SWI to help us redesign our programs and then implement these redesigned

programs for us. Since he began assisting us with the entire process, he has been

more effective than we were in creating a healthier deer population with larger

bucks and more turkeys while maintaining the pigs at an acceptable level. Our trail

cameras have documented this improvement. We also note that our costs of these

redesigned programs are actually about what we were spending on our own, just

now these monies are being more effectively utilized. In summary, our members

are unanimous in endorsing Chandler and SWI and we intend to continue with

them as our wildlife management solution.

-Frank Brown