Minerals & Attractants

Real World Maximizer


 Real World’s Maximizer Deer Mineral was developed after more than 20 years of extensive research with both captive whitetails as well as wild deer. Unlike other salt-dominated products which offer very little nutritional benefit to deer, Maximizer Deer Mineral is specifically formulated with over 20 micro and macro-nutrients; many in precise proportion to each other. 


By providing the deer on your property with adequate year-round access to Maximizer Deer Mineral, you are giving the bucks the very best opportunity to develop antlers to their full genetic potential while also helping the does raise vigorous healthy fawns.

Most deer mineral products on the market WILL attract deer. The difference with Real World Maximizer Mineral is that it will also improve your deer herd’s health, antler growth and fawn production while also drawing them in for your trail camera. Why settle for JUST an attractant when you can improve antler growth, fawn production and herd health at the same time?

Elusive Whitetail Deer Candy

 Hits a Big Buck’s Sweet Spot! Growing like a wildfire — with HUNTER’S being our greatest sales forc

  Hits a Big Buck’s Sweet Spot! Growing like a wildfire — with HUNTER’S being our greatest sales force! The action that Deer Candy provides from pouring out just one bag of Deer Candy is phenomenal! Hunter’s are reporting consistently they’re seeing the fastest and most intense accumulation of deer with this product they have ever seen! Take a Trail Camera and just one bag of Deer Candy and you’ll see for yourself. Action can get a little crazy using Deer Candy — like from one deer to a whole herd coming to the aroma in a very short time. A superior blend of Roasted Peanuts, Corn, Bran and our own little secret of Berry Flavors — with a smell so good, you will have to resist trying it yourself! Shuts rice bran down!!  

Elusive Whitetail Bragg'n Bones



The "Ultimate Food Supplement/Chelated Mineral Complex & Immune System Building" with everything a deer needs to take Normal Antlers to the level of Majestic Antlers

Develop Bone you can brag on!