Food Plot Seed


Real World Wildlife Seed

 Real World Wildlife Products is likely the only food plot seed company in business that challenges you to buy a competitor's similar product and plant it side-by-side next to ours.  There are four key things to compare when using our product vs. a competitor's.  See the difference for yourself , Dare to Compare! 


Clover & Chicory Blend

Contains only the very best varieties as proven in our own Real World test plots. We started by planting every clover variety we could find in side-by-side plots and let the deer tell us which ones they preferred. Chicory makes a great companion crop with clover and makes up only 3% of the total blend. This blend is perfect for planting around field edges or other open areas where you might need access to drive equipment or in fire-breaks around native grass fields. 


Generation 2 Soybeans

 Many experienced land managers consider soybeans to be the best crop to grow in their plots. Soybeans can provide a high quality food source to the deer on your property for the majority of the year. Deer will start browsing on soybeans as soon as they germinate and continue feeding on them through the entire growing season. Once the soybean plants have matured, deer will feed off the soybean grain inside the pods. 


Harvest Salad

 This blend of winter hardy oats, winter wheat, rye grain and Austrian winter peas is easy to grow and will have the deer visiting your plots for the entire hunting season and into the following spring.  


Plot Topper

 We came up with this unique blend which includes crimson clover, oil-seed radish, tillage radish, rape, purple head turnips, sugar beets, forage collards and Impact forage collards after years of side by side testing.   


Forage Oats

 Some food plot seed companies claim that their oats are the best on the market and have been developed after years of continual research. Real World prefers to educate you with simple truths. We have planted our Whitetail Forage Oats right next to the other oats on the market and could not tell a bit of difference at any point of the test and neither could the deer feeding in those side-by-side plots. We are pretty confident that most of the oats being sold to whitetail food-plotters are all the same. The difference is in price. When comparing oats be sure to note the quantity in each bag. Keep in mind that these winter hardy oats are not the same as typical “spring oats” commonly sold in local feed and seed stores.  


Upland Game Mix


For those land managers looking to attract more than just deer to their plots, Real World offers our “Upland Game Blend”. This mix contains sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum and millet. It is a great product for attracting pheasants, quail, turkeys, rabbits, song birds and a wide variety of wildlife. It is also a great product for deer and can be used to create edges in other plots or diversify your plantings to provide a wider variety of food sources for the game on your property.


Deadly Dozen

A combination of two most popular fall-planted products into one and the results are … DEADLY! For several years our customers have planted both Harvest Salad and Plot Topper in the same plot with excellent results. Deer flock to these plots from the time the first plants sprout through the entire hunting season and well into the following spring. We took the hint and have combined these two popular products into a convenient ¼ acre bag, the perfect size for those small kill-plots.